ISBN 978-1-77244-038-6 • 150 pages • 6 x 9 • paper
• 2017 • new edition includes updated introduction
by Daniel Fischlin • foreword by Daniel
David Moses • plot synopsis • character synopsis
• a note on the text • ten tips to reading Shakespeare
• 7 b/w photographs

“The voice of slave Caliban rings most clearly to my twenty-first
century Iroquoian ears, singing drunkenly, hopefully, of freedom.”
—Daniel David Moses

Europeans collide with an unknown new world in this curious play, filled with magic, corruption, intrigue, lust, and full-on comedy.

Written and staged around 1610, The Tempest reflects a contemporary fascination with those mysterious and foreign parts of the world newly available to European exploration and exploitation. How should the newly discovered world be depicted? How would old and new worlds interact? Few come off surrounded by virtue in Shakespeare’s drama.This edition draws on the best international research on Shakespeare, as well as considering The Tempest in a Canadian context. Daniel Fischlin – the ingenious creator of the Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project – has written an excellent introduction that provides dark and delightful new ways to understand this play, including insights from Northrop Frye, Margaret Atwood, Robertson Davies, and Normand Chaurette. 

the tempest

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