235 pages • 6x9 • paper • Includes new introduction by
Professor John English
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ISBN-13: 978-1-77244-028-7
publication: May 2016

the decline of politics

The Conservatives and the Party System 1901-1920

john english

John English’s Decline of Politics explores one of the great turning points in Canadian history, illuminating the realities that shape and govern the country’s political life. A brilliant analysis of the events that transformed the nation’s party politics a century ago, and set the stage for the subsequent decades of Liberal dominance, the book remains as lively and fresh as when it was rst written.

–R. Kenneth Carty, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Political
Science, University of British Columbia

John English opens this new edition of his classic work with a fascinating insight into present-day Canadian politics. Everything can change suddenly, he observes, when a “wave of opinion” washes over the country, creating moments that carry both dreams and danger.

First published in 1977, The Decline of Politics: The Conservatives and the Party System 1901–1920 remains a seminal work of Canadian political history. This new edition has been corrected, newly typeset, and opens with a lively retrospective look at the sea change in Canadian politics that laid the groundwork for the long period of Liberal rule.

“An excellent study which combines a thorough knowledge of Canadian political history, deep research in manuscript sources, and the ability to use theoretical insights from social science.” – Foreign Affairs


JOHN ENGLISH, OC, FRSC, is founding director of the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History at the Munk School of Global Affairs.