“The voice of slave Caliban rings most clearly to my twenty-first century Iroquoian ears, singing drunkenly, hopefully, of freedom.”

Daniel David Moses Introduction by Daniel Fischlin. Preface by Daniel David Moses.

Available Fall 2016

  • New playtexts and annotation draw on the best international research

  • Scene summaries, character synopses, notes on the text, and tips for reading Shakespeare provide points of entry into complex early modern plays

  • Introductions by leading academics; prefaces by diverse Canadian voices including Paul Gross, Martha Burns, Sky Gilbert, and Daniel David Moses

General Editor: Daniel Fischlin

Series Advisory Board
Donald Beecher, Carleton University

​Susan Bennett, University of Calgary

Mark Fortier, University of Guelph

​Janelle Jenstad, University of Victoria

​Susan Knutson, Université Sainte-Anne
Jill L. Levenson, University of Toronto

Irena Makaryk, University of Ottawa

“Although writers since antiquity had recognized and recorded the experience of adolescence, none had dramatized it so comprehensively.” Introduction by Jill Levenson. Preface by Sky Gilbert.

Available Fall 2016

“In 2014 the Globe Theatre in London undertook the Globe to Globe Hamlet, an ambitious plan to stage the play in every country on the planet over two years.” Introduction by Daniel Fischlin. Preface by Paul Gross.

Available online

ISBN 978-1-77244-000-3  • 270 pp •  6x9  •  CDN14.95  • 

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The Sanders Portrait of Shakespeare is considered by many art history scholars to be the only true sitting portrait of The Bard, 

Further background on the 

The Sanders Portrait of Shakespeare

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Reinventing the Bard:

"While Shakespeare’s plays may not have changed much in the past 70 years or so, Canadian society has—and our approach to Shakespeare, both on the stage and in the classroom, is a fascinating bellwether of those changes."

- Susan Knutson, Literary Review of Canada.

“In Northrop Frye’s conception, the forest is a place of both literal and metaphorical transformation and maturation.”
Introduction by Andrew Bretz. Preface by Martha Burns.

Available online

ISBN 978-0-9881293-6-8  • 150 pp • 6x9  • CDN$14.95  • 

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