“Although writers since antiquity had recognized and recorded the experience of adolescence, none had dramatized it so comprehensively.”​

 Overpowering adolescent passion at odds with a troubled adult world: this ancient tale was never more grippingly told than Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Two youths come together in a love that is both transformative and death-marked. The society around them lacks flexibility, failing to govern this destabilizing energy.

Shakespeare scholar Jill L. Levenson – whose work on this play has opened new readings of Romeo and Juliet internationally – shows how the play’s treatment of gender, class, sexuality, and political fragmentation has found rich resonance in Canada. There are a variety of surprisingly creative adaptions not just in French and English but also, for example, in French and Attikamek. From ballet to Ann-Marie MacDonald’s award-winning play Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), Romeo and Juliet remains a compelling exploration of passion and violence. 

ISBN 978-1-77244-039-3 • 165 pages • 6 x 9 • paperback
•2017 • new edition includes updated introduction
by Professor Jill L. Levenson • preface
by Sky Gilbert • plot synopsis • character synopsis
• a note on the text • ten tips to reading Shakespeare
• 5 b/w photographs

rome0 and juliet

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