Lucy Maud Montgomery

​Rilla Blythe, daughter of Anne of Green Gables, lives a life of fun and fashion until the news breaks that England has declared war on Germany. 

Everything changes at that moment as war looms over the life she knew. Rilla of Ingleside can be read as a survival guide for members of “the race that knows Joseph”—those who feel life’s sorrows and joys intensely, and who support each other as best they can through the highs and the lows. Daily life continues, as Rilla’s brothers and friends depart one by one for the front.

Written during Montgomery’s years in Leaskdale, Ontario, Rilla reflects Montgomery's own anxieties about war. “Germany comes to conquer or to die,” she recorded in her journals on August 5, 1914, as the world moved toward historic catastrophe.

Montgomery watched the war closely and her journal record of it is surprisingly accurate. Notes to this new edition provide historical and military context to the novel’s account of contemporary politics and battles.

For more insight into the composition of Rilla of Ingleside, see the new publication of Montgomery's careful revisions of her manuscript, Readying Rilla (click on the image below).


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L.M. Montgomery, OBE (1874–1942) wrote over 20 novels in her life, including the famous Anne of Green Gables (1908).

2015 • ISBN-13: 978-1-77244-011-9 •  380 pp. •  5.5 X 8.5 • Paperback  • new introduction • new annotation unique to this edition • 5 new b/w photographs  $24.95 (list).