The Secrets of Cultures

D. Paul Shafer

Humanity’s future depends on the adoption of culture as the central organizing principle of society.    

Reviews of the book.

ISBN-13: 9780988129351
$19.95 Canada and USA
282 pages
June 2015

From Culture to Power
The Sociology of English Canada, Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition

Robert Brym with Bonnie Fox 

The ground-breaking study of the major trends in Canadian sociology, updated with a new introduction covering the past quarter-century.

ISBN-13: 978-1-77244-002-7

240 pages 

$29.95 Canada and USA

Roots and Routes of Displacement and Trauma 

Edited by Soheila Pashang and Sheila Gruner 

A ground-breaking examination of displacement and its traumatic outcomes that explores the root causes of displacement, and  social work methodologies for working with survivors of displacement and trauma.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9881293-4-4
340 pp. •  6 X 9
Paperback  •  $49.95 (list)

  • Higher Education and General Interest titles in sociology, past and present 

  • The best  of empirical investigation and critical analysis provide insights into order, social disorder and social change

  • Books by Canadian sociologists include Lorne Tepperman, Robert Brym, Soheila Pashang, and Sheila Gruner 
The Age of Culture

D. Paul Schafer
Cultural scholar D. Paul Schafer draws on a lifetime of research and reflection to consider the implications of what he calls the cultural world view and the promise it holds for a more humane and fulfilling future.

ISBN-13: 9780988129320
$19.95 Canada and USA
250 pages

June 2014

A Network Approach to Social Inequality

Lorne Tepperman and Sally Chang

Society is a highly complex, interrelated system of flows – flows of information, flows of people, and flows of capital, to name just a few.

ISBN-13: 978-1-77244-003-4
330 pp • 6X9
Paperback • $34.95