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Montgomery's own photographs have been digitally improved to give a clearer picture of her life in Leaskdale, Ontario.

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L.M. Montgomery's complete journals

The ontario years, 1922-1925

Edited and with an Introduction by Jen Rubio

L.M. Montgomery’s final four years in Leaskdale were marked by an unpredictable, and often unmanageable, series of events. Her description of these events, as they often twisted in increasingly unexpected directions, makes for spellbinding reading.

From 1919, Montgomery’s life had been troubled by her husband’s recurring bouts of mental illness. During the years recounted in this volume, the upset caused by his mood disturbances is profound: “I dare not remain here alone with him if he continues like this,” she writes at one particularly low point. Other events added yet more complications to an already entangled life. A spurious lawsuit brought by a local farmer on Montgomery’s husband (claiming an enlarged prostate gland had been caused by a car collision) divided the community; Montgomery’s description of the trial, before and after, is riveting. Communities across Ontario were also deeply divided by Church Union, which came to a head in 1925. Her occasional eyebrow-raising comments about members of other denominations remind us that Montgomery was also a product of her time.

 The first publication of Montgomery’s Ontario journals in 1987 contained only a selection of her entries. Published now for the first time is the complete record of her life from 1922 to 1925. Her writing about the events of her life is a mesmerizing account of the small and the large, the tragic and the humorous.


All of Montgomery’s original photographs are here, many of which have never been published before. This edition also contains carefully researched new notes, with updated historical background.

All of Montgomery’s original photography is here, digitally enhanced (including over 150 photographs, many of which have never been published before). This edition also contains carefully researched new notes, with updated historical background.

L.M. MONTGOMERY, OBE (1874–1942) wrote over 20 books in her life, including Anne of Green Gables (1908), Rilla of Ingleside (1921) and Emily of New Moon (1923). She also kept a series of journals from the age of fifteen to the end of her life.

​​340 pages  • 6 X 9  • paperback • includes introduction by Elizabeth Epperly • index • index of photographs • completely new annotation • 150 b/w photographs