Broken Promises
A History of conscription in Canada

J. L. Granatstein

Conscription might have caused the two gravest crises to Canada’s unity in the Dominion’s first century. This remains the only book on a subject, a story that is genuinely important to understand in how provincial relationships have evolved over time.

Three Athapaskan Ethnographies
Diamond Jenness on the Sekani, Tsuu T'ina and Wet'suwet'en, 1921-1924

Barnett Richling

Available together in a single volume for the first time: Diamond Jenness’ pioneering studies of three Athapaskan nations.
These richly detailed ethnographies are a valuable record of the histories and cultures of indigenous communities, pre-contact.

The Ottawa Men
The Civil Service Mandarins,

J.L. Granatstein

Granatstein’s classic book remains the only comprehensive account of the formative years of the federal civil service. Drawing on extensive archival research and in-depth interviews with the surviving “Ottawa men” and their colleagues,

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  • Histories that important topics from conscription to local history

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The Decline of Politics
The Conservatives and the Party System 1901-1920

John English

John English's classic history of patronage and corruption in Canadian politics.

The Johnson Family Treasury
A Collection of Household and Medicinal Recepits, \

Nathalie Cooke and Kathryn Harvey

A fascinating glimpse into 18th-century household technology, domestic medicine, and new foods available to the middle classes in an age of expanding colonialism
Accompanied by transcriptions, recipes contain everything from cures for cancer to floating islands.